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What Is The Needham Society?

What Is The Needham Society?

What is the Needham Society? Simply put, it is the legacy revenue stream for Vanguard University. Legacy is something lasting and of great importance. It is personal and can come from a place where God's hand moved and formed you. For many of you, this transformation also happened to others in your family. The Needham Society consists of stewards who consider Vanguard University a place that is well worth being blessed by a legacy gift.

In this newsletter, I would like to share some personal reflections as the Director of Gift Planning here at Vanguard. We recently hosted a Needham Society Recognition Luncheon on-campus where 4 families were recognized for their legacy gifts. The gifts varied from bequests (leaving Vanguard in their will) to Charitable Remainder Trusts.

Joe and Carolyn Prettyman are Needham Society members. I first met Joe and Carolyn at the Second Half Ministries retreat last summer. As I thanked Joe for his faithful support to Vanguard through the years, Carolyn walked up and proudly announced, "We have eight children between us. We decided to leave a tithe 10% for each child, our church, and our school Vanguard University!" Taken aback I said, "Well, it is wonderful to meet you as well." It has been an absolute blessing to get to know the Prettymans ever since. If you ever meet them in-person, be prepared to hear how their example to leave legacy gifts to your family, church, and school is also a worthy investment – they're my best Sales representatives!

Legacy gifts largely flow underground where they are unseen until they break the surface. Last year, the University faced plumbing issues in the freshmen dorms. We had lived within our means as a University without having to draw on a line of credit that school year and were prepared to do what was needed to fix the plumbing issue before students arrived back to campus. That summer, a Legacy gift surfaced that was unknown to us all. Rev. Ralph and Alberta Markey's estate gift of $100,696.50 came at the perfect time! The Markey's legacy gift helped ensure that the financial health of our university was sound and remained fiscally responsible.

My question to you is – How can we help you include Vanguard University as a part of your legacy?

Mark McAnlis