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Hearing God's Voice

Hearing God's Voice

Remember those abrupt, gripping moments when God spoke directly to you? Maybe it was in a class, a chapel, driving in your car, or walking on the beach. I remember those moments, how real God becomes, how wonderful to know Him and how powerful yet loving His voice.

He still speaks! I am convinced that our Lord is calling us to engage, to take a stand and do everything we can to further His Kingdom. A miracle has happened in the place where each of us received nourishment and formation as young Christ followers – Southern California College, now Vanguard University. My school, your school, has not only survived difficulties, but is again beginning to flourish. For the first time in the university’s history, undergraduate admissions were closed on August 1st. We have a full house! Students have come from all over the world and we have the privilege to pray for, encourage, and help support them. These are students who will also hear the voice of our Lord. They will become leaders in their churches and communities around the world, just like you and me.

I am so humbled to be involved in these young people’s lives. Join me in giving back. I am asking you to step up and give to Vanguard University to help today’s students.

Praise God for His goodness to all of us. Praise God for how He spoke to us during our college years. Praise God that He still speaks! Praise God that we can be involved in the lives of the next generation who will serve the Kingdom. Here I am Lord, use me.

In Christ,

Johanna Townsend
Class of ‘66
Student Life Committee, Vanguard Board of Trustees